Mt Somers and an Autumn Wedding

I went to a wedding this weekend. Due to the overwhelming amount of Photographers I didn’t bring my camera out, so no photos of the lovely people and gorgeous wedding things unfortunately, all the same it was nice not to be behind a camera and to take it all in. We stayed in a lovely lodge called “Pudding Hill Lodge” where we had a bunk room to ourselves and a big fireplace with sofas you could fall asleep on, looking over Pudding Hill and Mt Hutt, framed by autumnal trees. In the mean time here are some photos from a day walk we walked the day before. There is more on flickr..

View from Mt Somers

Along the tops of Mt Somers

View Up the Valley

Along the tops of Mt Somers

For those of you who have asked here are my camera details: Nikon D80, with three main lenses I use.

1. The first multi purpose lens I brought: Sigma DC 18 – 50 mm 1:2.8

2. Landscape lense: AF-S Nikkor 1:4.0 12 -24mm

3. Portraits: 50 mm AF Nikkor 1:1.4 D

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  1. You take really beautiful photos Simone! I’m going for a NikonD50 next week (the D80 I heard is a brilliant camera too) and I can’t wait…my first DSLR 🙂 with the kit lens, then hopefully get a telephoto lens for photos of birds in the garden.

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