Yarn Dying Adventures

Jessicahs dying
I went in on some gorgeous carded merino with a friend and my mum (mum by the way has a blog in the works..) I was a bit woosey to start dying by myself so Jessicah offered for us to have a dye day at her house. The results is some blue yarn for me (I have yet to spin it..maybe tonight) some lovely mauvey yarn for Jess and a tutorial for you! Go Jess! She has already spun hers and seriously… its beautiful.
My dyingRainbow yarn
Also here are some photos I took of Jess’s rainbow yarn, she has been experimenting with colour in her “year of fibre”
Rainbow yarn

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  1. Lovely! I think I might have to try this method – I had no-so-good results with Raro dying but I’m hooked on making rainbow wool now! Looking forward to seeing that blue merino spun up.

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