Amy Butler, Melbourne and Knitpick needles!

Excitement being had! I am off to Melbourne in TWO WEEKS. For a one week trip, not so much shopping this time as looking around, meeting people and getting inspiration for whatever scheme I am plotting at the time.

I booked the tickets awhile ago but with the booking of accommodation it has become more real, especially when we booked a caravan for 3 days to travel a part of the “Great Ocean Road” YAY.

Now, do you ask whats that pretty picture up the top of my post? Why that is an image of Amy Butler Designs, (note: for those not addicted to fabric, she is a wonderful fabric designer, writer and pattern maker.) But WHY the image, WELL – I am going to see her speak in Melbourne! I only found out about a talk/casual evening yesterday. IMAGINE my excitement when i discovered that not only is she there when I am, she is also there before I take off in a caravan! So after quickly making sure my understanding man would be OK at being abandoned for the evening I booked my ticket! Wooo hoo, yet to hear confirmation so I am biting my nails for the thought something might be wrong. Looking forward to potentially meeting crafty girls and becoming inspired on my new endeavor by this creative goddess! Despite what you all may be thinking, I don’t worship her.

Any Melbourne places that are a must see, let me know!

On another note I have taken the naughty plunge and finally brought some knitting needles I have been coveting. My knitting has started exploding lately, what with the baby boom in my age group and Christmas coming up. PLUS my boy left me for his two week stint leaving me to get sick again.. seems to me to be a pattern, boy leaves, I get sick. I think he is bringing in nasty infections. So retail therapy was had when I needed a particular needle size and what I had was unpleasant to use (plastic sticks to lacy yarn!). Anyhow this is getting to be a really long will stop showing off now.

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