Today is a good day

Today is a good day for a few reasons…

  • Despite a few set backs this morning i still managed to complete the blog re-design. I even changed the planned design half way through….. I didn’t like it.
  • Obama is now President
  • I get to watch Stargate Atlantis tonight
  • I have in my hot little hands, a chocolate bar, which i get to eat after NACHOS
  • There is a fire crackling in our fireplace because its a cold day with hail showers, THAT i managed to save our seedlings from, because there was a BIG DARK cloud on the horizon so i ran out to cover them all with whatever i could find in the garage, WHICH emphasis’s why working from home really does suit me. I get to save little plants.
  • Tomorrow I get to play with photos.

On another note, a few more changes to come, hopefully by friday!

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