Back from Melbourne and New Website

I’m back! Melbourne was great! I am still going through my photos and have yet to photograph my “loot” which is mostly fabric and books. The clothes required a little more thought, which I just didn’t have. Too busy sightseeing! Lets just say this for now: Amazing fabric stores IF you know where to go, do not be afraid to ask people! Good food, except fish and chips are seen as gourmet or something, two fish three squid rings and HALF a scoop worth of chips… aww ya know around $20!!! For around that much I got a pasta and two drinks plus bread one night in the lanes. So yeah, eat Italian darling.

The new website for is up and running, it was mostly done before I went away but I wanted the time to make sure I can fix the details easily, ie not in an internet cafe! But part of the reason its done the day I get back is a renewed sense of purpose to get this show on the road…. jack. More reasons behind this to come! For now I must go and oogle my new fabric stash… again

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