Freelancing Update : Small Steps

A quick bullet point update on how I am going:

  • My amazing landlady and friend/flatmate has given me a corner of the spare room, so i am not working in my bedroom anymore. I am also dong up an old solid wooden desk for this wee space… be off the cramped computer desk soon!
  • I sold my first photos through my chillie bin recently! (yay yay yay)
  • I had an old client from way back come to me when they heard I was freelance for some more work. YAY!
  • I am feeling clear and focused, thanks to some down time before more work came in, not going to waste. I researched and played and calculated until i was satisfied, now i have goals and direction for all creative outlets I enjoy.

Getting to here has been not so easy, I have not “succeeded” yet at all but with a few bonuses happening this week I feel the need to brag (they are listed above). A few things I am grateful for and what I have learnt: Friends and Family rock! Saving money beforehand is a MUST. Bank fees are bad, find a bank that is nice to you (i am in the process of doing this now).  ALSO in quiet moments pursue those ideas you have always wanted to try and earn money from, they just might ‘pay’ off… ha ha . o dear. Also its OK if your business plan is handwritten with coloured pencil on paper hung up all over your walls. Having it up there has helped kept me focused. It also makes me feel like I am going somewhere…

Photos that were download:

asparagus bbq

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4 thoughts on “Freelancing Update : Small Steps”

  1. Browsed here from Jason Santa Maria’s site, and couldn’t help but be drawn to a post about steps taken into freelancing, even small ones. Welcome over to the dark side 😀

    I’ve been doing this for a while now (in fact, never been responsibly employed), and while I’m not going to claim it’s all a bed of roses, if you’re the kind of person who likes their freedoms, there’s nothing quite as exhilarating.

    Enjoy the pains and the pleasures, and above all, persevere.

    Merry Christmas,

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