Oi, i need some time to recover!

I have started writing this post three times. The problem with taking a blog break is too much happens in between! I don’t really know where to start. But i figure I can finish sorting the 500 odd photos and pick out the best and put up some explanations. Then perhaps go into detail over a few things. My highlights were spending chirstmas with my family and man, making a bunch of gifts (not sure whats more fun, making the presents or giving them….) and tramping the Heaphy. I will include a few shots I have edited and sorted already. More to come!

I hope everyone else had as good a new years as me! (O and I am also an auntie! My new niece “Kira” is now around a month old. I have not had a chance to see her in person yet, she was born in her mothers home country, Michigan, USA! My big bro is obviously quite happy about it all….

Scotts Beach - Heaphy Track


baby bird, just born

Johnson Creek - Murchison

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