A Banana Cake Recipe


This is the best banana cake I have ever tasted! It is more-ish, delicious moist and o so eatable… you will find yourself allowing bunches of bananas go over ripe just so you can make it. Make sure you make it for lots of people, or one end up eating most of it in one sitting, by yourself and biking madly to burn it all off later… nom nom nom… Thanks to my flatmate Katrin for this recipe!

Banana Cake

3 Mature Bananas
175g Sugar
175g Butter
1/2 Tblsp Cinnamon
2 Tblsp Vanilla Sugar (or 3 tsp Vanilla essence)
4 Eggs
150g Flour
50g Cornflour (I just use 200g of flour when there is no cornflour)
1 Tblsp Baking powder

Mix together and bake in an oven at 160 degrees for 40 – 55 mins (depends on oven)
Melt chocolate and pour all over!

Read through the comments on how different people have adjusted and played with this recipe.

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  1. Sorry! I added after i got the previous feedback… just made this cake for a group dinner, got totally polished off, so must of been good, not just me!

  2. this is a great recipe i love the fact that you just mix everything together and it turns out awesome

  3. I loved this cake! It brought lots of compliments, and of course…didn’t last longer than a day! 🙂 Thanks.

  4. This was sooo delish!And easy to make. About to make it for the second time. Might add some chocolate chips 🙂

  5. I just made this yummy Banana cake and i add chocolate buttons..OMG it was soooooo good !! i will never go back to the old banana cake again, so i say its 10/10 from us 🙂

  6. I have just made this by putting everything in a blender – it says mix all together. It has turned out a solid cake rather than light. So in mixing it all together, was I supposed to follow the usual route of creaming butter/sugar, add eggs etc.

  7. I usually use a wooden spoon to mix all together and have previously either melted or softened the butter. No creaming of separate ingredients, just throw it all in. I suppose the usual cooking advise for cakes is to not over mix. The cake does come out quite solid/dense though. Very little in the way of rising. Its sort of like a mud cake texture, moist, dense and banana-esq! Thats why a cake tin with the hole in the middle cooks it more evenly. Hope that helps!

  8. my partner and I loved this!! We were right pigs…half of it’s already gone- oh well…so be it!ha thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. Had a cook out at pre school with our children, easy to make, and sooo delicious. Thanks for the awesome recipe.

  10. This cake is all wrong, it’s far too easy to make, it always turns out and tastes amazing! If you add in choc chips you won’t need to ice it. My 5 and 8 year old daughters make it too. SCRUMMY!!! PS I’m feeling ill, I’ve just eaten 1/3 of it myself, I can’t stop!!!

  11. Wow I have used this recipe over and over again, never goes wrong and everyone raves about it….and so easy.

  12. Really want to try this recipe it looks great and I have some bananas that are ready to go! However I wasn’t sure if it calls for 1 teaspoon or 1 tablespoon of baking powder (which seems like a lot!) Please someone answer my question before the bananas enter the next world!!!

  13. Its 1 tablespoon. Just did it this week. I don’t know why! I don’t think it matters tho, this cake is so dense. SO if you feel safer doing a couple teaspoons just use that much. Mind you maybe it would be MUCH more dense if it didn’t have so much baking powder? This cake was once made for my birthday by a friend who added soda instead…. looked great, but totally inedible! She is german so didn’t read the packet properly i think… 🙂

  14. Wow! So yummy!! I was looking through cookbooks and all the banana cake recipes look so boring and simple and I wanted to jazz things up a bit. I landed on a great site! Only thing I did wrong was use a cake tin that was too big which made the birthday cake too thin, so I had to make a second cake in a smaller tin (I don’t really mind as it meant we could keep a cake for ourselves!)
    Thanks so much Simone!

  15. I decided to cream the butter and sugar.. this gave the cake a bit of body.. The family totally LOVED it!! it didn’t even have time to get cold before it was all gone.. So I think it depends on what you want.. a mud cake type or a lighter fuller type of cake.. Both are delicious!
    Thankyou Simone. I’m off to bake another one now 🙂

  16. This recipe is wonderful! I love having a banana cake that isn’t light and fluffy. I added fresh cranberries to one cake and feijoa and kiwifruit to another as well as the banana and it is totally scrumptious. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  17. Sooo.. I just made this cake….
    The recipe seemed too easy so of course I Creamed the butter & sugar.. added eggs, mushed banana and vanilla the sifted flour & cornflour, mixed spice ( ran out of cinnamon) and baking powder and I added a pinch of salt.
    Mixed the two together.. with minimal mixing…

    I then split the mixture between two 9” round tins and baked.
    They came out of the oven perfectly formed…

    i didn’t have any chocolate so I looked in the fridge and found some lemon curd.

    I used this to jam the two cakes together … then I made a butter icing.. with butter, icing sugar and and little of the lemon curd and a dash of vanilla to ice..
    and OMG…
    it’s 8pm on a Wednesday in New Zealand so im going to be a good gal and not have anymore tonight and be an angel and share it out to the builders that are building our house at morning smoko break…. they will LOVE it.

  18. WOW. I had made this recipe once before for a friends birthday. it was AMAZING. Today is my brothers birthday and i spent one and a half hours trying to locate this recipe again. ive written it down so now it is mine FOREVER!!!!!!!!….. yummmmm 🙂

  19. I subbed oil for butter – mixed all my wet ingredients and mashed bananas with an electric beater, then added sifted dry ingredients till just combined. It came out nice and light (which is what I was after). It makes a very nice tea cake IMO, and lovely with lashings of butter while still warm.

  20. Just found this recipe..sounds great!
    Not sure what size tin to cook it in for best results. Any suggestions?

  21. I use a circular cake tin with a hole in the middle. Its about 16cm across. Hope that helps.. read lots of the comments above people have used different types of tins with this recipe.. some might match what you have in the cupboard.

  22. Just a question, what is the purpose of the cornflour? I thought it was to make biscuits more crispy and light, but with a cake I would think that that would be not relevant? Or does it have some sort of other purpose? Thanks 🙂

  23. I never use the cornflour, its what the recipe says so I left it in… Cornflour is to make things lighter, so in cakes that makes sense, if you have it! I wouldn’t worry if its not in the cupboard.

  24. This looks great, but before I start are the measurments Tablespoons or teaspoons? I’m reading it as Tablespoons, but am expecting teaspoons

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