Japan – Another Day one…

Japan 2001-2

As it turns out my brain is a bit muddled (no surprise there) So my “day-one-that-is-actually-day-two” was the PACKED one…and here is the rest of the “what we did”

We explored a park and a shopping district and ate our first Tempura-in-Japan for lunch, nom nom nommy! I found Tokyo Hands, A BIG lifestyle store with crafts, home stuff, bikes ect. Eight stories all up.. i think. I didn’t shop though. Kept money in my purse until i got an idea of prices, even in Japan i need to feel like I am getting a good deal!

Japan 2001-2 6
Japan 2001-2 8 Japan 2001-2 7

Cyclists were everywhere here, weaving in and out of pedestrians, without being abused. Some very cool bikes, old ones, new ones fabulous variety of commuter beauties.

decorative screen Japan 2001-2 3 Japan 2001-2 4 Japan 2001-2 5 Pachinko

In the evening we went to a concert for the Yoshida Brothers, who play the shamisen among other musicians on their instruments. They play classic tunes aswell as rock… it was very entertaining, mostly because i got to see the traditional Japanese music styles intermingled with more modern western stuff. The light show wasn’t bad either.
Japan 2001-2 2
Here’s a vid so you can get an idea.

Have a great weekend everyone, i will try and blog, but might get waylaid..

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