Japan Day three : BUSY

Japan 2009-4 2

Day three fell on St Patrick’s day. We began with a temple exploration where Kylie got to play with his new camera filters and I just played with my lenses. Kylie is fast outstripping me when it comes to camera accessories, I think he is going through his rich older man phase early. Since the house is on the horizon, riches will soon be gonesky.

I loved all the textures ect, but people watching tended to be the most interesting. It was a very busy temple, while we were there, they had at least three (maybe more) weddings. The wedding party would walk in, get married, pose for photos, move out. Next wedding. There was also an abundance of well dressed babies coming in for blessings, PLUS everyday people there for prayer. Despite the goings on, people still kept a respectful quiet and there was plenty of space for me to play with my camera. Taking more shots of people than I probably should.
Japan 2009-4 9Japan 2009-4 23Japan 2009-4 13Japan 2009-4 28Japan 2009-4 25

After that we met Jamie and Christine in the Shinjuku(?) train station. They showed us a park where people in costumes hang out, (but not so many that day) we ate octopus balls for lunch. Then a cool shopping plaza/alley place I pretty much scouted for later shopping excursions.

 Japan 2009-4 30Japan 2009-4 34Japan 2009-4 43 Japan 2009-4 37Japan 2009-4 40Japan 2009-4 41

Later we made our way to the St Patrick’s day parade. BOY was that another opportunity for people watching! Costumes, bright greens, shiny instruments, dancers, cute kids…  Since Jamie is in a cricket team sponsored by an irish pub they were in the parade and gave us a couple of flags so we could join in. I was skeptical on my ability to walk that far, because, as per usual when I have to walk lots on asphalt with camera bag, I had a sore back. We did bail, but stayed and watched and took… more photos. By this stage i was both happy and unhappy about lugging the camera around!

Japan 2009-4 51Japan 2009-4 60Japan 2009-4 59Japan 2009-4 65Japan 2009-4 70

For dinner we went to a yummy sushi restaurant with a conveyor belt. We sat facing the chefs behind it, picking off the plates that appealed. Eel had to be the yummiest. Each plate had a chip in it (or something like – i assume) that kept the price of the item stored in it. You would then get your empty plates swiped by a swipey thing and your bill would appear at the counter for you to pay. Loved the novelty.

 Japan 2009-4 75

We THEN (yes i am tired from just writing it all… geeeze) headed up a large tower with a viewing area and galleries. Admired the view likened to legoland and went to two exhibitions. I have the brochures somewhere in the chaos that is my office… lets just say, I liked them both!
Japan 2009-4 80

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  1. What a great day you had, no wonder you took so many photos. It’s lovely of you to write this blog and share your adventures:>)

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