Japan : The fish markets

One morning Kylie and I got up far too early to visit the infamous fish markets. We arrived, got lost by  following a man in gumboots, then a man with a flax bag. We eventually, after walking around a vege market, found some people selling fish. We never made it to the big auction hall, because being silly buggers we did not enter via the main entrance, where the map supposedly was. Instead we walking around chaotic, busy, bustly noisy, fishy warehouses dodging fast moving R2D2 carts swaying between amusement and nervous irritation for not bringing the guide book. All and all the crazy little visit was alot of fun, but by the end self preservation made me demand coffee and breakfast, or the lack thereof  was going to make me stumble and get run over by R2D2… so we left for breakfast in a quieter part of town.

fishmarkets-japan-2009  080    

fishmarkets-japan-2009  079

fishmarkets-japan-2009  076

fishmarkets-japan-2009  073

fishmarkets-japan-2009  072

fishmarkets-japan-2009  070

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  1. I’m really enjoying your trip, was a nice surprise to find the fish instalment posted. Thanks for sharing your fun:>)

  2. That one fish looks like a giant goldfish! Sounds like a really fun experience though – just think, you got to see the “real” fish market and not the one everyone else sees.

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