You may of noticed a few changes

I have decided to start playing with advertising on the bloggity blog, mostly because when clients ask me what they are about, I will be able to answer from experience. After awhile I may remove them. But we will see!

Quick update on that…. I have added, the google text ads, i amĀ skepticalĀ about these ones, i “think” people maybe screening them out, also its not really much to do with the function of the site (naf). But the google search, I thought might be good for convenience, happy for feedback on that one. If it earns money or not, not sure. But i did like the idea of using their very good search engine. ALSO i have made an amazon store. The returns on this are meant to be tiny! One womans blog i read, whose site is CRAZY popular only earned enough points to buy a single book after a whole year. Clearly not going to earn anything much for me The main purpose for it, is to act as an easy way for me to show what i am reading and like. When i say its easy, it really is. The Amazon estore was a breeeeze to setup.

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