Time for a update

Dearest bloggity readers,

OK no posts and an excuse. The business is flourishing I have lots of work lined up, I am even having to turn people away, exclaiming “I can start your project maybe in two months, but right now the days are full” I think this is a good place to be in.

Because of this I will soon have a bunch of sites that were designed by me, while running my own business, which makes me feel pretty darn proud. Also pretty darn panicy about my current websites slap job (done in a day I think). SO along with my days being filled with work for clients, my nights and weekend have been busy on my own site. A site i can promote to some galleries ect. I have also decided since i make no bones about being freelance and when people sign up for work they sign up to work with me, that I will combine the sites I originally had separate. quentindemanson.com and simoneqdm.com will both go to the new website.

I hope to have the new website live in the next few weeks. Then i will get my life back, well the life thats not behind a cute little laptop playing with wordpress….


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3 thoughts on “Time for a update”

  1. ** Article request **

    Seeing how popular your virtuemart post was and out of my own interest maybe write a post about how you deal with your taxes etc as a freelancer in NZ?

  2. Nice redesign Simone! I wish I had your crazy skills.

    I second Kurt’s request for an article on taxes and junk while freelancing. I hate having to deal with that stuff, and I really want to know how others handle it.

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