Let me introduce you to design number…. 4 (I think)

We have been about a month in the thinking, planning, designing and making. This has been my occupation in my evenings and weekends. Inspired by Tim Burtons film “The Corpse Bride”. Mostly this design was an act of self indulgence…

What to expect from her in the next month or so:

  • An “about me and contact” link at the top
  • A shop! It will start on etsy then i will have my own. Mostly my photography, but i would like to sell website “stuff” eventually.
  • A resources area for links to other sites divided up by categories ect.
  • Wallpapers and free photo downloads
  • A few more tweaks on the design.
  • many more links, in “Link Love” she needs beefing up!

In the mean time let me know your thoughts. Not sure if I like the blue anymore. But I NEVER like my designs after i have finished them. So I tend to ignore myself.

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3 thoughts on “Let me introduce you to design number…. 4 (I think)”

  1. Nice layout – it’s easy to navigate without being too cluttered. Glad to see you kept your little fantail logo 🙂

  2. wow hun, you really have pulled it all together beautifully and i too am glad to see me fantail there again, a mascot of sorts. too clever you x

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