Nina Valley in Winter

I went on a wee tramp/hike this weekend. Here are some of the pics.
ninariver 20
As you can see the first day was DIVINELY sunny and crispy. Lots of frost and leftover snow in little shady parts.
ninariver 4
My companions were very patient as I took numerous photos and took a few little detours to get nice shots.
ninariver 9
A night in a cabin full of boy scouts who behaved until they became comfortable with us, which was sooner than is customary since Rachel happened to be a teacher at some of the boys school (bugger!). Once that happened they decided throwing snow balls at us as we went looking for water in a stream in the dark down a bank, their aim was to scare us. I however tried to get them to carry the water buckets. They were not interested, which thought decidedly ungentlemanly. I then threatened to throw water at them, they saw this for the empty threat that it was..( one does not intentionally wet another persons tramping gear in winter.) I was reminded of my first tramping trips at that age with my friends and became quite nostalgic.

ninariver 15

Teenagers are very weird creatures. One moment they make sense and act normally then the other they behave like small kids. One boy was nicknamed “camp mother” because of his taking charge of the cooking. Directing his “minions” in the chopping, cooking and cleaning. This was not at all resented and just taken as normal. Moments before this he would of been struggling with cards giving himself a hard time for not getting something exactly right, appearing less confident. The next he is up, with authority directing everyone on their tasks…
ninariver 1
There was a light snow overnight.
ninariver 19
ninariver 21

The Nina Valley flickr Set

Perhaps to add a damper on this lovely weekend I just wanted to not forget the family that recently lost some of their own in the NZ backcountry.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! You might be lucky enough to get some nice frost photos here in October… definitely should get some colors.

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