The decorations are up!

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This year is I was slightly more enthused on the decoration front. Probably something to do with moving in with the boyfriend and becoming all domestic, or it could be that I am getting old and I am feeling like part of being grown up is decorating at Christmas. Regardless I have begun a Christmas decoration collection. The budget was blown this year on a fake tree, yes, i know, i know.. but one of us sneezes uncontrollably as soon as they go outside and the other one of us just can’t BREATH when its too dusty or polleny, Christmas trees INSIDE ย just speak all sorts of wrong to a hay fever and asthma ridden person…
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Due to the big budget blow out I had to make everything else. The theory is, as the years go by i will make a few more each year to add to our collection and eventually we will have an abundance of decorations. So this years start is some hand painted (by me) balls for the tree. Some pom poms by Kylie and a few others I have yet to finish. The ‘piesta resistance’ is my garland made out of pom poms and fabric yo yos including a bit of ribbon and some Christmas lights twinkling through. It looks rather sparse still but I will keep making decorations until Christmas time.
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Blogland has been delivering on the decoration tutorials I have been linking like a crazy lady. I plan on adding to it and summing the best that I have found of them up on the blog a bit later. So if you have come across any or have written any let me know.
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I am updating the shop at the moment with many New Zealandy images. Its been fun playing with their colours this time. All of them are up in Felt, a few left to go in Etsy..

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  1. love your tree and decorations!!! makes my sad little tree look… little and sad ๐Ÿ™ Maybe kylie can make me some pom pom garland!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ lucia is loving the tree btw!

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