Back and it all feels different

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My holiday was VERY busy, infact busier than the whole month we spent in America, alot of travel was crammed into two and a bit weeks. Rest time was probably largely spent in Te Puke for five days over Christmas. Lets just say I was VERY eager to get home and get back to normal. Its a rather lovely feeling when your happier that the holiday ends than when it began. This must be a sign that I like what I’m doing everyday! Very unlike the days when i used to dread waking up in the morning! Although this year has started on the back foot work wise (a job was delayed due to less sales than anticipated, recession hello) I feel inspired and ready to see what else I can do in its place.
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The photos in this post are of the property we spent our New Years at. Which was pretty cool to say the least. It was an hour and half drive up a 16k crazy four wheel drive track to a clearing that used to be a saw mill. Now it has several huts and a house with so much character and stories to tell. The land belongs to our friends parents, it is in various stages of re-growth back to native bush the land is full of caves and birds (we saw two baby rurus/moreporks – feed by their muma, Fantails, Tuis, Bell birds and the Wood pigeon.. plus lots of the little ones you get around there) The house was built in the 1970’s, they wanted colour and cheerfulness to live in, to get away from the chaos outside.
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It was once completely surrounded by mess from the saw mill and goodness knows what else (not anymore!! Lovely now). Colour and happiness it certainly has. So well cared for I got to swoon over some great patterns from back in the day, when no-one was scared of using colour. The best photos are taken by Kylie, who FINALLY has some up on flickr!

To add to the many goals people are making public in their posts this year I have several. In one sentence i will write it SO quickly that MAYBE i won’t change it. Run a half marathon (EEEEEK), open an online shop, start writing here and in other places a bit more (blogs and magazines perhaps), tramp and bike alot more and have and exhibition of my photos and paintings somewhere. Others might include a stall in the markets and to create my own knitting pattern.. i had an idea over the break that I want to try. Also sell and giveaway wordpress templates and sell more photos selling in mychillybin, aswell as prints. Phew… and its at the end of the post which means maybe none of you read it right?

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  1. I read it. Which half marathon are you doing? It has long been one of my goals. It’s quite tempting to put it off for another year but I really should do it this year.. perhaps we can motivate each other.

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