Birthday week deliciousness

Hello all, I have been having a lovely week of treats. So far 30 is pretty darn good!

I have been thoroughly¬†spoiled in the last week with TWO (not one) pancake breakfasts, chicken pie, curry, cheesecake, chocolate cake, nachos and more. Yes I do need to go on more runs, incase you were wondering. The gifts that made it my way were happily received (some people know me so well!) Kylie sneaked away to buy some Crown Lynn china that I love so much and developed a bunch of old films I still had in the fridge from Oh…just 2002! (You may see some of those a bit later) Dad brought me a little charm necklace that I modeled on my newly knitted socks for you (finished those about a month ago). I also received two parcels from my ‘other’ mothers. The sewing mum in the USA made me the gorgeous tote and little bag, don’t you just love the colours, embroidered flowers and crocheted and beaded flowers on the tote? ¬†Linen love! Gush gush! The north island NZ mum was quite clever and negotiated Kylie for a parcel pick-up containing a much desired cake decorating funnel (otherwise I may have picked it up early and ‘found’ it unwrapped). The old funnel is very cheap and pretty hopeless. Now I will be looking at learning a bit more about decorating things prettily!

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