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Kate the owner of, a shop full of gorgeous handbags and essential fashion treats, came to me with a problem. The logo, that had served the start-up, no longer serves the fully grown shop. It was time for the logo to be given an overhaul, but the Floozy philosophy still held true: “Online retail therapy fashion shopping thats high class but fun.”

So I chose a new main typeface that is clean and slightly rounded (a lot like Chanel’s). Took away the green and the pink and went straight to black and white. Below we have the before and after.

the old floozy logo

new floozy logo

The new lady was penned by the super awesome illustrator Lauren Parr. Here is the full bodied floozy (go to the blog page on the website to see the fun illustration she designed.)

Since the most essential part of the website outfit was changed, the rest had to match! So out with old pinks and greens and in with some cool greys and blacks with a ‘hint’ of red.

From this:

website design floozy

To this:

I even got to change a few old layouts that just didn’t work to well, which had to be the most satisfying part of the whole thing for this little designer.

Thats not all!  Kate has decided to run a wee advertising campaign for six months with Next Magazine. Guess who gets to design some ads for them?

Floozy Advertisement for Next Magazine

I took my inspiration from some botanical illustrations and the famous DK books. The displaying of the organiser contents is influenced by a trend I have seen online lately, of people taking photos of whats in their handbag. So to have some fun with this craze Kate is running a competition on her Floozy facebook page for people to take photos of their handbag contents and go in the draw to win the original Tintimar handbag organiser. If your not so game for that then you can head into the shop and buy anything in between 17th May and the 13th of June 2010 and go in the draw to win as well…

You have heard an awful lot from me on the topic. I thought it would be interesting to see what Kate has to say about the whole process, so I asked Kate a few questions:

What part of the refresh did you like the most?

I love everything about it, it’s clean and fresh and stylish, but most of all I LOVE the new Floozy lady! She is so perfect and totally captures the fun element of Floozy, one of Floozy’s facebook fans said she thought she looked like me!! I wish I had a waist that small!

(Almost don’t want to ask this question) What did you like least?

There’s nothing I don’t like about it! I was anxious on the day we pushed the changes onto the live site, it’s always a little nail biting that something will go wrong and the site will collapse, but I needn’t have worried all went smoothly!

Whats the most important thing you think people should know about owning an online shop?

Online shopping is still relatively new in New Zealand, good imagery and a great returns policy are important, but so is letting your customer’s know that there is someone behind what to them is possibly a faceless online store, I use social media to put a name and face to my business and earn my customer’s trust.

Thanks Kate!

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  1. i already know how clever you are.. but the branding excites me and makes me want to get all girlie on it… you workin it!!!

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