Whats not broken

This week I have had my up’s and downs; With all of the city center cordoned off I haven’t gone near it, instead  I stayed around home in the practically untouched south of Christchurch feeling guilty.  Looking at the news it was hard to not become overwhelmed and feel so much sympathy for those who have lost their homes and to feel despair at the seemed destruction of our city center. No more!

Kylie and I headed into town this morning to help some friends move their manufacturing business out into shipping containers while they arrange a new building. Their building is now too damaged to be worth fixing. So after hauling ass and mostly watching the much stronger people do all the hard stuff (I brought my useful boyfriend to make up for my lack of muscle)  I headed into town (with said boyfriend).

The cordons had been relaxed in some places and people were flocking to the streets. I AM SO GLAD WE DID. After all the hype and depression people have been voicing I have been feeling quite overwhelmed myself. Honestly people the city is fine. WE ARE FINE! I have being imagining all of our heritage buildings going and half of Christchurch coming down. But its not true! Today I wanted to share my more upbeat mood by showing you the photographs of buildings that survived rather well. I want to focus on what we have, not what we are losing.

What’s become apparent to me is that the tragedy is not the loss of old buildings in town; It’s the homes people no longer have. The buildings that no-one is allowed back into after the quake. Their lives are now having to be started (hopefully not from scratch) again. It’s pretty amazing we are all alive, but so sad so many people’s homes are majorly affected.

A bit later I will start putting up shots of the damaged parts of the city. The photos I hope one day to show my grandchildren – something we all miraculously lived through and came out fighting. Go Christchurch! I say.

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Dashing Kylie in his new Tee
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3 thoughts on “Whats not broken”

  1. Great minds think alike, I did exactly the same thing today! Went it to look at all the destruction, and came away heartened that a lot of heritage buildings were still intact. I took photos whilst writing the accompanying blog post in my head.

  2. Great post! I am fed up with the media coverage, with reporters standing in front of the most dramatically damaged building they can find. I’m planning a trip into town this weekend just to reassure myself that most of it is still there!

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