Moved and almost open for business

South library
Sunny Library – where i am posting from.

Despite the earthquake interrupting some upcoming jobs I seem to of been kept rather busy. Moving house can do that to a person. Also due to the wonderfully timed quake I was way too busy to do lots of pre-packing as I had originally planned – there also being a box shortage (as you can imagine when a large amount of houses in our injured city are left to dangerous to live in) i just had to make do with what we could get – which in the end was plenty, two sets of friends had boxes from moving to Christchurch from overseas and when the word went out we had boxes turn up on our doorstep quite regularly! The packing happened in fits and starts in the week preceding and on the day of the move.

It was a rather exciting full on day of two cars with two trailers, large amounts of helpful hands there to clear the house and much “drop ins” to have a look. I was perpetually packing up the kitchen and then unpacking the kitchen as the rest of the crew emptied our house and probably saw far too much personal items of mine that i hadn’t had time to pack. It was awfully embarrassing when we realized how much stuff we had, when normally as we packed we would have done a great sort out, the sort out is now happening as we unpack.. which is good and therapeutic sometimes (i liked throwing out some more old uni work), but this does nothing for the (mostly mine) reputations as a pack rats has already been fully established. However the packing was done by very forgiving and helpful friends, they seemed to still like me after it all, so can’t be too bad. Afterwards we hosted a large bbq and some nice beers on our new slightly rotten deck and after throwing all boxes from lounge to hallway/bedrooms and wherever else they fit… we could actually sit (and as it turns out sleep!) in our lounge quite comfortably.

As I type I can still see all the boxes left to unpack and all the clutter thats spread out in the rooms we have managed to furnish and get up and running. One more room is left to set up furniture in, then its the unpacking of the boxes in all the corners and garage.

I have not been so much on my feet since the waitressing days and by the end of the day I am even too tired to read, i just lying there decompressing my brain in silence and thinking about our new little house.

For myself I am excited and since we have no internet (will be posting this at the local library) I am not seeing our bank balance become affected by the large loan! I do have internet on my phone, its not too desperate times, since there is so much to do I am ok for the time being. We have tried to get connected but there seems to be a fault with our lines. Funny that.

As i write this (i copied and pasted in the library) I am sitting facing our new backyard and deck with my old bucket garden taking to the new deck nicely, as the new conservatory fills with its sunshine… which it gets practically ALL DAY. Its north facing baby. This place has a very small veggie plot, (soon to be enlarged) and one shared apple tree.

The earthquake has caused some damage. The roof has holes and there are cracks here and there, but we got off very lightly and had zero liquefaction, our foundations are mostly fine. I am feeling extremely blessed at the moment. Insurance is sorting out the the roof, the cracks and even a new paint job on the outside of the house (paints cracked off!) so this designer gets to choose some paint colours. The big grin is currently spreading across my face….  all of this is covered by EQC! We will be getting the contractors to fix other parts of the house at the same time – since its the right time. Which will cost us, we will stick to the essential for waterproofing and conserving, as much as we would love to add in much more extra things, these can wait for when the mortgage has been whittled down quite a bit more and it makes more financial sense. Lets just say we are not banking on our plot of land selling to finance a few improvements any time soon!

After this extremely long winded blog post I have a few last last things to leave you with. One – thank god for friends!, thanks to the gravel soil our house sits on and thank you everyone I know and love are safe and well. And second this may be one of the last personal blog posts on this blog, I am working on a new place for my personal writing so i really can keep this one for work nattering only. With the quieter month for paid work I have been working on this sites re-design and the new personal blog… soon to be uncovered!

Hope this post finds you well and happy. Stay safe and always, always have a plan B… that has plenty of water and canned food somewhere to snatch and grab… xxxx

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