Some colour – The Cunningham House, Hagley Park

Orchids make me happy.
abitofcolour 7
abitofcolour 6
I pricked my finger on these cacti when I was only little – its a very clear memory actually. I was told to not to touch, then guess what I did?
abitofcolour 1
abitofcolour 2
abitofcolour 3
abitofcolour 5
abitofcolour 4
And finally for some fungi…
abitofcolour 11
abitofcolour 9
abitofcolour 10

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2 thoughts on “Some colour – The Cunningham House, Hagley Park”

  1. Hi Simone, glad to read on your other blog that you got through yesterday’s quakes ok! We were hit with liquefaction again which was disheartening, as we had literally just finished cleaning up that morning the mess from a back flowed drain. But there’s nothing to do except clean it up and get on with life.

    I like your new blog, the post about urban foraging was interesting. Hmm maybe that’s something the city could consider as part of the rebuild, putting more edible plants around.

    Gorgeous photos in this post – keep spreading the happy 🙂


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