Post dramatic events

Just when you think your safe you get a wee reminder that you better keep your emergency kit stocked! You know sometimes with these aftershocks they’re so gentle and rocky it feels like your living on a ship! I have also decided if it feels like your swaying and ground in subtly moving… you probably are. Not all shakes are sudden and scary sometimes they are just weird!

We are a full house again here while my friends house goes through the same process (but alot faster this time) to see if ;one – its safe, two – it has power and amenities, and three – are they courageous enough to live there yet? So it begins! In the meantime Kylie is away and I am getting ready to leave Christchurch for three months (as some of you know – Kylie has a job up north for that time and I am coming along with him!)

I have decided to not take all the supplies for every “hobby” I employ. Instead its sewing, knitting and possibly drawing with a few paints. Thats not much gear right? If I limit my clothing I should have plenty to do, just not much to wear! Then there is the shopping I intend to do in Auckland… anyone know of awesome second hand shops (besides my cousins one – “two daughters“) then let me know.

With all thats happening there is always time to sit in the sun, knit and catch up with friends!
life-keeps-ticking 1

And buy the occasional treat to make life easier and prettier in the kitchen.
life-keeps-ticking 2

I feel compelled to voice a small bit of advice for those outside of Christchurch, those worry about us and our sanity – all your sympathy comes from good places. But at the moment I read at LEAST once an hour someone advising the people they know here to leave, to abandon everything and just go. Seriously at this time it’s the last thing we need to hear. Its just not the easy. (Ironically we can leave for a few months, but would be staying if there was an option!) Jobs, friends, homes, financial investment. Alot of us committed to living here many reasons, those reasons have not changed. Earthquakes have not taken jobs, have not taken friends and they certainly have not taken away the awesome stuff to do just hours away. Now I never “pledged” because there is something this earthquake has taught me, is no-one (not even you) is safe from life changing events like this. Who knows what will happen and what we will need to do to survive it. But as soon as you let go of the fear of it – knowing you cannot control it, you can become a little liberated. After every quake I have gotten increasingly more calm and ok with them. In fact the last one by far the worst part was being stuck at home again not knowing if things were really bad or ok. The trauma is not in the movement of the land but the potential loss of friends because of it. Once all the txt’s came in that everyone was fine then it was back to work. In reality – I have lost more loved ones to illness and accidents that happen everywhere than to natural disasters, and I live in natural disaster zone right now! If we have to move for survival, careers, family, friends then so be it. But I will not be bloody chased away from my hometown because of an irrational fear, I’m far too stubborn for that. Righto, thats enough cheese for one day. Back to work!

Finally my favorite dancing song right now…

I want her boots.

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