Our journey up north

Before the break of dawn at what seems like yesterday, but is actually at least two weeks ago, Kylie, myself and cats set off to spend three months in Cambridge. Needing to catch a ferry we drove pretty much without stopping until we reached Picton.

the journey 6

Cats had a good portion of our space with a large dog cage. Distressed as I was at having to put them through this – we knew they would cope. Malieka looked the most perplexed about it all, Mischief just slept.

the journey 5

I put on some sea bands and had my knitting with me on the Ferry – almost no point for I quickly fell asleep. Much to my relief because I get quite ill at times. Sea legs I do not have.

Driving up the landscape changed and although I tried to drive, in order to give relief to Kylie, I was far to sleepy to do so safely. So gave up that idea fairly quickly (poor Kylie!) On one of our petrol stops I thought at how much this station looked like it was out of a 70’s american movie. Loved it, mid-century modern-‘esque’.

the journey 4

We arrive in cambridge just before bed-time, quickly chose the mattress (five bedroom house!) and fell asleep. The next day we unpacked and explored the town. Pretty! Good coffee at the coffee shop above the gift shop in the big pink old church.

The next day I dropped Kylie off at his new work:
the journey 3
and went for a walk and took these shots of the lake and church. I like wooden church’s now! For reasons obvious to us that live in Christchurch!
the journey 2
the journey 1

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  1. Lovely pics. Mischief and Malieka looked very contented in their new abode on Saturday. Good to have you so near for a short time:>)xxoo

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