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Dusk gallery + store

Dusk up until now, has been strictly a bricks and mortar shop, it stocks a beautiful collection of products mostly designed and made by New Zealanders. Now it is one little shop in Hanmer Springs and one well stocked online shop!

The earthquake threw Lenore from Dusk into some trouble, her store’s Christchurch premises was deemed unsafe and marked for demolition. Thankfully no-one was hurt and she still had a little shop in Hanmer. She even after some waiting managed to recover stock and furniture. Once the dust had finally settled she called me, “Simone, we are going to actually do the online shop this time” (we have had talks about doing this twice already!) The earth might have changed a few things, but it certainly did nothing to her dedication to her shop.

Dusk needed a simple to operate store that reflected Dusk’s design sensibilities, integrated well with her newsletter software MailChimp, had useful add ons to help run the shop, it need features we could add later as the shop grew and not to forget I needed to like the process involved to build it. After giving her a few options she decided to go with Shopify. What made me even more excited was when she said, “and Simone, I want and illustration of a caravan on it..” Eeek! I get to draw things and get paid for it!

This I was very excited about Shopify, I had played with it a bit myself but never developed an online shop with it from scratch. Now here we have it, Dusk’s online shop is ready and waiting for you to shop to hearts content! Be prepared there are lots of lovely things to inspire and get you excited. The shop has only been live for only a few days but already the “CHCH Sure to Rise Tea Towels” are going like hot cakes!

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