Growing and being eaten

Its been awhile since I posted as you can see, I have been avoiding it to tell the truth. First because I was miserable in Cambridge without Christchurch or my friends around to keep me busy. I don’t like writing when sad! Second because I was pre-occupied with good things but I kept on putting it off writing because I am useless at keeping things to myself. I am pregnant! Yes thats the big news and the pre-occupation. I believe most people now know that need to, so I can safely announce here. In the delightful spring I am growing things in the garden and (hopefully) one thing in the belly.

Speaking of the garden, its busy busy in there…


First came the seedlings. Then….

The beds are beginning

The hastily constructed beds, then….

garden 4

The slugs! Argh.

I am fighting with expensive but successful buried beer traps (slugs really like Speights). Egg shells that don’t do much at all and soda bottle cloches that my “seedlings” are growing out of! I am just going to keep adding in more seeds in cloches as they get eaten and keep putting down traps and eventually I hope to have enough plants alive to get nice and big and feed us.

This really is my first vege garden from scratch and all by myself.. previous ones have been others I have helped in. I have so far learnt: Not plant out seedlings (no matter how impatient I am) on windy days! Some seeds really do fair better when planted directly in the ground. That this garden has bugs everywhere – more than any other flat, unit or even mums place than I have seen anywhere. In one night healthy seedlings are stumps. STUMPS! Grrr. Not to mention the caterpillar invasion from last year on my bucket salad veges from the moment we moved in, in late summer. One day a few caterpillars the next I have no rocket left. Going to try “molasses spray” for the next anticipated invasion. I figure I just keep on trucking and each year I will get better at it and there might even be less bugs of some varieties? Maybe? Hopefully? I have also learnt cats love vege garden beds as littler trays, so stubbornly that the netting has to be TIGHT, or they will just walk ontop of it and pee anyway. Blighters.

One challenge this year is watering. Since our water piping system in Christchurch is still rather broken we have watering restrictions. Last year I just watered my bucket vege garden from the washing machine waste water! It works, but in the new house its all plumbed in. Not to mention the pain in the ass it is that every time it starts a spin cycle we have a bucket chain going out into the garden. This year we are planning on collecting rain water off the garage and I use big bowls in the sink every time veges are washed ect and we put that water into a big plastic tub thing to be used when needed. Thus far we still get to water gardens every other day (kinda) but I remember Chch summers harking back to childhood where we could not even do that. So if its dry summer then there will be buckets in showers, sinks and whatever to be used again on the garden! Luckily we use all eco store bio-degradable products. Mostly because I am allergic to lots chemicals, but useful now we need to re-use all our water.

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5 thoughts on “Growing and being eaten”

  1. Hi
    I am sure you will get on top of all the slugs etc. They obviously think that your garden is the greatest place to party!!! You have to admit that Cambridge did have one plus….:>) Congratulations to you both, we are so looking forward to being a Gran and Grandad.Lots of lovexxxxxxxxxxoooooooo

  2. Congratulations on your pregnancy Simone! You’ll have a little helper for your garden before long. Slugs in the garden are such a pain, funnily enough eggshells seem to work for me. It seems to be a remedy that works for some people and not at all for others. I do on occasion resort to slug bait as well. Oh don’t get me started on the water restrictions… one of these days I’ll do a post on all my various water collecting techniques! Happy spring – let’s hope we get some more warm days like the ones we had this week (with a little bit of rain overnight so things don’t dry out too much)!

  3. Yay Simone, that’s fantastic news, congratulations!! Are you back in Chch now?? I’m finding the water restrictions a pain too, need to get some pea straw… Although I guess that will be in demand now? It would be great to catch up with you again sometime.

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