A walk around town

Quinn and I met Kylie in Hagley park on friday, it was a lovely sunny spring afternoon and I brought homemade scones and quince jelly (feeling very domestic these days.. except when it comes to cleaning). After Kylie dashed back to work Quinn and I went walking – I had heard rumour of a photographic exhibit and I have been getting some pretty bad culture and art withdrawals these days so I took the first chance I could get to go and find it.

chchaugust 4

I still avoid town to be honest. The desolation and memories of how it all was, get me down, but as time goes by it stings much less and is becoming more and more “thats just the way it is” with no emotion attached. Thank goodness for the park that has not changed a jot, except in growth of course!

We found the exhibition, it was very child friendly with big black boxes in the center, of a ‘u” shape made out of container rooms with large images hung inside. I got to have a good look and Quinn got to wander around the outside area, pointing out all sorts of things to complete strangers.

chchaugust 3

What I really liked was the art around the newly opened square. The fences had all been decorated by Sara Hughs and Chris Heaphy with plastic cubes that slotted into the mesh, creating patterns and effects with light. It looked like a cross stitched/pixelated tapestry, all in cheerful bright tones, a contrast to the empty lots and still half collapsed cathedral whose fate is still being fought over in the courts. Nice to see something lovely to make a person smile!

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Then there is the temporary shopping area where the old shopping area used to be, new topiary animals and plantings were out and looking luscious, beautiful with a dash of fun.

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chchaugust 1

Thats my report on town! We had to speed back to the car at that point as Quinn with the endless energy also has a bottomless pit for a stomach and needed MORE food.

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