Exploring my wasteland

I live at home, in the ‘burbs, bringing up my wee 2 year old boy. Rarely do we go into town. If we do, its Hagley park, big enough to never need to venture beyond, or the hospital (for many reasons it has been way to often in the last few years). So when we do go to town to look around, each time I feel like I am some tourist in a creative, destroyed wasteland. Not in my home town visiting a local cafe. New sparkly buildings contrast with the remains of old skeletons and rotting remains of what were once the most beautiful. Dying prematurely. Miserable aren’t I?

There are many thoughts and emotions running through me as we walk around, such anger for it all leaving. So suddenly. With such sadness in its wake…  And relief at the new pretty ones popping up. Curiosity, the artworks that are appearing everywhere fascinating me, drawing me in. Graffiti is king in Christchurch right now (thankfully its not just tagging). I watch and wait for things to improve as we slowly, building by building, claw our way back to having a city again.
This is to our left,
4-11-14 4
And this is to our right,
4-11-14 2

Big holes for new buildings,
4-11-14 9

Cleaning up after demolishing another,
4-11-14 8
Art in windows,
4-11-14 7

and on walls,
4-11-14 3

Shrink wrapped buildings – quite a few of these,
4-11-14 6

And old facades that look beautiful even from the back,
4-11-14 5

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One thought on “Exploring my wasteland”

  1. Hi Simone, I hadn’t realised you were blogging again. Great photos of the city, I too never go into town any more… I really should but it’s just so much nicer at home, not to mention I now hate driving anywhere in this city!

    I love your preserve labels in the previous post, what a great idea. I generally use a strip of washi tape for mine (there’s almost nothing you can’t use washi tape for!) but there were no tomato preserves for me this year as my crop was pathetic! Oh well, there’s always next year.

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