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Cara, me. 2004

As some of you will already know my sister was involved in a serious car accident in the US last month. I am finding myself finally able to breath as the flights to bring her home are booked. Now I feel like I can maybe write about this, a bit. You can find a description of the accident I wrote on the Give a Little page setup.

The last month has been the closest to hell I have had to experience so far in my life, I hope to never have to again. Reality is though, we all have to go through things like this at some point. Being far away and her being so ill has been so ridiculously hard. I remind myself every day that she hasn’t died and she is stable and recovering. Due to her head injury we still don’t know if we will ever get ‘her’ back. However, she is a little bit responsive and is more so each day, little arm movements, kicks, her pupils dilate and her eyes occasionally follow you around the room. For each day she adds to her list of abilities is a step in the right direction, something I continuously remind myself of when I start down the overthinking spiral of “what if’s”. One thing I know is she sure as hell would not give up on me, so I won’t her. I also know, she is stubborn and if she can recover, if anyone can, its her. She is one hard nut to crack.

Cara will be home on Wednesday, I will finally get to hold her hand and resist squashing her in a huge hug (still very much recovering, squeezing hug not so good). Finally, finally be there to help her when she needs it.

I have set-up a site to combine everything in one space that’s going on in “Campaign Cara-Joy“… the fundraising, the social network, the donation pages and more. So if your interested its all there.

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