Sewing a little Jacket


Recently finished a tweed jacket for my adorable 2 year old. I cannot find FIVE buttons that I like. So we have been managing just fine with the two I took off an old jacket. Buttons are pretty expensive these days, so we muddle through with what I have from a stash I brought second hand and pilfering off garments we don’t wear anymore! Its not like we can’t afford them, but I have been poor in the past and I cannot seem to shake my cheap skate ways.

The Details!

Pattern: Out of Town Jacket from the book Sewing for Boys: 24 Projects to Create a Handmade Wardrobe

Size: 2 Years.

Fabric: A thrifted tweed for the outside and soft check fabric for the lining (hoping the actual fibre content is wool and cotton respectively). Used a thick cotton flannel in the middle.

Review: Easy instructions for my sewing level to follow. Pattern needed no adjustments, may have done a bit more top stitching and edge finishing than specified. This is my second project from this book. Enjoying it thus far, really like how the patterns are pretty basic styling so you can put your own stamp on items by changing out the fabrics.

Mummy review: I get SO MANY comments on this jacket. Its the classic clothing you put on to get smiles and make an impression! Also good for those days where the wee one may all of a sudden throw a wobbly – people seem to be more forgiving when they look cute. Also really handy as a windproof layer that’s not a rain jacket. The three layers of fabric just gives it that warmer edge.

On doing it again I would make the ends of the sleeves fatter and less tapered. I really use it as a layer on top of sweaters etc and the narrow sleeves make slipping it on and off a bit more work than it needs to be.

jacket (1)